Adi Adams

Dr Adi Adams

  • aadams1 at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Lecturer (Academic) in Sport
  • Dorset House D236c
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Dr Adi Adams is a Lecturer in Sport and Physical Activity, teaching on the following degree modules: Principles of Coaching (1st year) and Developing Coaching Principles (2nd year).

In 2015, he completed his PhD in Sociology at the University of Bath. He has also achieved a Masters in Research (Sociology) and a BA in Coach Education & Sports Development.

Adi is a UEFA B (Level 3) qualified association football coach with ten years experience working in professional football academies. He was previously a semi-professional footballer and a member of the professional footballers' association. He is also a member of the FA Licensed Coaches' Club.

His research is located in the discipline of sociology: previous research has been focused on gender, masculinities, sexuality, youth and sport. Other interests include qualitative research methods. Currently, his research is focused on football academy 'culture' and the peculiarities of boys' friendships inside a professional football academy. He is also exploring youth masculinities through his work on football academy players, examining boys' attitudes toward gay peers...


Journal Articles

  • McCormack, M., Anderson, E. and Adams, A.M., 2014. Cohort Effect on the Coming Out Experiences of Bisexual Men. Sociology, 48 (6), 1207-1223.
  • McCormack, M., Adams, A.M. and Anderson, E., 2013. Taking to the streets: the benefits of spontaneous methodological innovation in participant recruitment. Qualitative Research, 13 (2), 228-241.
  • Anderson, E., Adams, A.M. and Rivers, I., 2012. “I Kiss Them Because I Love Them”: The Emergence of Heterosexual Men Kissing in British Institutes of Education. Archives of Sexual Behavior: an interdisciplinary research journal, 41 (2), 421-430.
  • Adams, A.M. and Anderson, E., 2012. Exploring the relationship between homosexuality and sport among the teammates of a small, Midwestern Catholic college soccer team. Sport, Education and Society, 17 (3), 347-363.
  • Ripley, M., Anderson, E., McCormack, M., Adams, A.M. and Pitts, R., 2011. The Decreasing Significance of Stigma in the Lives of Bisexual Men: Keynote Address, Bisexual Research Convention, London. Journal of Bisexuality, 11 (2-3), 195-206.
  • Adams, A.M., 2011. 'Josh Wears Pink Cleats': Inclusive Masculinity on the Soccer Field. Journal of Homosexuality, 58 (5), 579-596.
  • Anderson, E. and Adams, A.M., 2011. “Aren't We All a Little Bisexual?”: The Recognition of Bisexuality in an Unlikely Place. Journal of Bisexuality, 11 (1), 3-22.
  • Adams, A.M., Anderson, E. and McCormack, M., 2010. Establishing and challenging masculinity: The influence of gendered discourses in organized sport. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 29 (3), 278-300.

Internet Publications

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Research Methods
  • Developing Coaching Principles
  • Principles of Coaching


  • PhD in Sociology (University of Bath, 2015)
  • MRes in Sociology (University of Bath, 2009)
  • BSc (Hons) in Coach Education & Sports Development (University of Bath, 2008)
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