An Nguyen

Dr An Nguyen

  • 01202 961159
  • anguyen at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Associate Professor
  • Weymouth House W310, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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An Nguyen is Associate Professor of Journalism in the School of Journalism, English & Communication.

He has published extensively in a number of areas: digital journalism, online news consumption and citizenship, citizen journalism, science journalism, the use/misuse of statistics in the media, and news and development in a globalising world.

Some of his work on digital journalism is among the most cited in Google Scholar's two most-cited journalism journals in the 2009-2014 and 2010-2015 periods (Journalism Studies and Journalism).

A former Vietnamese journalist and Australian-educated scholar, An has taught in five British and Australian universities. Prior to BU, he headed journalism at University of Sussex. Before Sussex, he lectured at University of Stirling, where he co-founded and directed its successful Vietnam-based MSc in Media Management.

An serves on the Editorial Board of Journalism Education (UK Association of Journalism Education) and of Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies (Intellect)...


Journal Articles

  • Nguyen, A., 2016. News judgment in a "click-thinking" culture: the impact of web metrics on journalism and journalists (Julgamento das Notícias na Cultura do "Caça-Clique": o impacto das métricas web no jornalismo e nos jornalistas). Revista Parágrafo, 3 (2).
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  • Nguyen, A., 2003. The current status and potential development of online news consumption: a structural approach. First Monday, 8.


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  • Lugo-Ocando, J. and Nguyen, A., 2017. Developing news global journalism and the coverage of “third world” development.
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  • Nguyen, A., 2016. Developing a News Performance Index for Vietnam: why is it long overdue and what should it entail? In: Keynote lecture to senior journalists and media policy-makers at Building an Evaluation System for the Vietnamese News Media Routable, organised by the Centre for Research on Development Communication 14-15 January 2016 Hanoi, Vietnam.
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  • Nguyen, A., 2017. The nature of the "war" between Mr Trump and the media (Thực chất 'cuộc chiến' giữa ông Trump và truyền thông). Expert talkshow with BBC Vietnamese, 19/02/2017: BBC Vietnamese. Published online.
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  • Nguyen, A., 2016. Did the British press make Brexit? (Báo chí Anh đã làm nên Brexit?). The Saigon Times (Thời báo Kinh tế Sài Gòn), 7/7/2016: Published.
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  • Nguyen, A., 2016. Nobody can legalise all corners of ethics (Không ai có thể luật hoá mọi ngõ ngách đạo đức).. Interview by the Law Magazine (Tạp chí Luật khoa), Vietnam in response to the Vice-chairman of the Vietnamese Journalists' Association: Published online.
  • Nguyen, A. and Lugo-Ocando, J., 2015. A vaccine against that anti-data journalism brain. Commentary on (European Journalism Centre), 04/11/2015: Published.
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PhD Students

  • Bao Quoc Duong (The framing and representation of climate change issues in the Vietnamese news media)
  • Khanh Hoang (Effects of social media on Vietnamese young people's news attitudes and behaviours)
  • Minh Tran (The representation of global science controversies in the Vietnamese news media)
  • Xin Zheng (Chinese teenagers as news audiences: perspectives and evaluations)

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Communication Theory (contributing lecturer)
  • MAMMJ Dissertation/Project (supervisor)
  • Journalism in Global Contexts (course leader)

Profile of Teaching UG

  • BAMMJ Dissertation (course leader and supervisor)
  • News Theory (contributing lecturer)


  • Professionalism of science journalism in developing Asia: opportunities and challenges (World Federation of Science Journalists, 01 Sep 2013). Awarded
  • E-governance for development (Danang People's Committee (Vietnam) and World Bank, 01 Nov 2012). Awarded
  • Communicating climate change in India and the UK: a reception study (UK-India Education and Research Initiative Grant, 01 Oct 2009). Awarded
  • Prime Minister’s Initiatives for the Internationalisation of Higher Education Award (UK Government via British Council, 01 Jun 2008). Awarded
  • UNESCO Young Scholar's Communication Research Award (UNESCO via the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre, 01 Jun 2006). Awarded
  • New Talents 21C Award (Australian Public Intellectuals' Network, 01 Mar 2004). Awarded
  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarship for PhD study at the University of Queensland (Australian Government and the University of Queensland, 01 Jul 2002). Awarded
  • Atlantic Philanthropies Masters Scholarship (Atlantic Philanthropies, 01 Jan 2000). Awarded

External Responsibilities

  • Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies, Member of Editorial Board (2016-)
  • Journalism Education Journal, Member of Editorial Board (2012-),; Journalism Education
  • University of Sheffield, External Examiner, MSc in Science Communication (2011-2014)


  • Professional Certificate in English-Vietnamese Translation (National Authority for the Accreditation of Translators and Interpreters, Australia, 2007)
  • BA (Hons) in English Linguistics and Literature (Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City, 1997)
  • MA in Journalism (University of Queensland, Australia, 2001)
  • PhD in Media and Communication (University of Queensland, Australia, 2007)


  • A third and an encouragement prize in a national science writing competition entitled "Profiling Prominent Young People in Science and Technology" (Vietnamese Journalists' Association, Central Committee of Vietnamese Youth League, Ministry for Science, Technology & the Environment, Vietnam Television, and the Pioneer newspaper, 1999)
  • Reuters Prize for Postgraduate Study in International Journalism (Reuters Foundation & University of Queensland, 2001)
  • New Talents 21C Award – A$5,000 covering a research trip to co-edit a special issue of Journal of Australian Studies for new and emerging scholars. (Australian Public Intellectual Network, 2004)
  • UNESCO Young Scholar’s Communication Research Award – to conduct research into the status and relevance of journalism education in Vietnam (UNESCO, via the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre, 2006)


  • Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies, Member of Editorial Board (2016-),
  • Journalism Education Journal, Member of Editorial Board (2011-),
  • Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association, Member (2007-),
  • UK Association of Journalism Education, Member (2010-),
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