Key concepts in sports studies

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Authors: Wagg, S., Brick, C., Wheaton, B. and Caudwell, J.

Pages: 1-257

ISBN: 9781446269077

DOI: 10.4135/9781446269077

© Stephen Wagg, Carlton Brick, Belinda Wheaton and Jayne Caudwell 2009. ‘A refreshingly critical contribution to the major debates in sports studies, this volume will nicely complement the conventional texts. The entries are well structured, introducing and explaining the arguments, and then applying them to current sports policies and controversies. I admire the material and will recommend it to my students’ — Professor Dave Harris, University College Plymouth, Marjon Written by experienced academics use to teaching the subject, this book will help students and researchers find their way within the diverse field of sport studies. Clear, well researched entries explain the key concepts in the debates surrounding the social significance and social dynamics of sport. Each entry provides: Clear Definitions Relevant Examples Up-to-date Suggestions for Further Reading Informative Cross-Referencing Valuable in its parts and indispensable as a whole, this book will provide a stimulating, practical guide to the relationship between sport and society.

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