Carol Bond

Dr Carol Bond

  • Principal Academic
  • Royal London House R107, Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3LT
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My professional roots a nurse have led to my interests in patient 2.0, health 2.0 and participatory healthcare, especially the role the Internet in supporting people living with long term conditions, along with the professional practice and education required to support this approach to healthcare.

I am currently a Principle Academic Digital Health in the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences.

As well as being a registered nurse I am a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society, where I am the immediate past chair of the Nursing specialist group, . I have also recently been elected UK representative on the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) Nursing Informatics group, and am also a member of the IMIA Social Media working group. I am editor (ehealth, mHealth and Telehealth) for the Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics.


As well as researching how the Internet can help people living with a long term condition develop and support their self-management strategies I am interested in the developing the methodology (and associated research ethics) underpinning the use of online resources in health research.

Recent research projects include:

  • Evaluation of a Telehealth programme (mixed methods study)
  • Exploration of what people living with diabetes want from the doctor-patient relationship (using content analysis of posts on discussion boards)
  • The views of health discussion boards on the use of discussion board posts as research data (qualitative study using email interviews)
  • The experiences of older people who live with a long-term condition (qualitative study)

  • I am also currently supervising several doctoral students researching various aspects of living with a long term condition.


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PhD Students

  • Jo Taylor (‘Significant Others’ Experiences concerning end of Life Care for their Loved Ones: A Narrative Analysis)
  • Mashael Alsufyani ((draft) Social media use amongst nursing students)
  • Shaqaieq Dost (Factors associated with the capacity of the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Directorate of the Ministry of Public Health in the management of the health system in Afghanistan)
  • Joanne Holmes (An exploration of the factors that affect the extensive meal experience for cognitively active elderly living in residential care)
  • Besty Jose (A qualitative study exploring the perceptions of older people about their social participation in the online world relative to their social participation in the physical world)
  • Jill Davey (The Care of Kin: A case study approach to kinship care in the South of England & Zululand, South Africa)
  • Daisy Wiggins (My Birthplace: a computerised decision making tool to support women, their partners and midwives to make a decision about place of birth)
  • Joanne Mayoh (“It Gave Me Relief… It Gave Me Confidence”- The Online Health Information Seeking Experiences Of Adults With Chronic Health Conditions (Completed 2011))
  • Moamer Gashoot (Healing Environment: A Contribution to the Interior Design and Decor Features in Single Occupancy Hospital Rooms in Libya (Completed 2013))
  • Helen Brewah (What are the perceived needs of motor neurone disease patients and carers in England? An Exploratory Mixed Method Study.)
  • Jennifer Roddis (Living with a long-term condition: a grounded theory.)

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Exploring and Evaluating Evidence

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Service Improvement Project
  • Research and Dissertation supervision

Invited Lectures

  • Health Informatics Scotland, Edinburgh. New Media, New Opportunities. (2013)
  • Health Informatics New Zealand.; Auckland, New Zealand. 'Nursing in the Information Age' (2006)
  • Inaugural Professorial Lecture; Unitec. Auckland, New Zealand. Patient information and the role of the nurse in the 21st century. (2010)
  • Public Lecture Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand 'Health Informatics Education' (2006)


  • Evaluation of the Implementation and use of Telehealth (NHS, 15 Jun 2012). Completed
  • Evaluation of the implementation and use of RISC software (NHS, 30 Mar 2012). Completed
  • ‘That’s our lives you’re looking at’ - The views of online discussion board members (BU Seedcorn Funding, 02 Jan 2012). Completed
  • Nurses and Computers, An international perspective. (Florence Nightingale Foundation, 01 Jan 2006). Awarded
  • Study Skills on the Internet (Learning and Teaching Support Network, 01 Sep 2004). Completed

External Responsibilities

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • BU Festival of Learning. An interactive workshop where members of the piblic were invited to have a 'knit and natter' about health information
  • BU Festival of Learning workshop. Living with a long-term condition: The role of information and decision-making. An exciting and informative event where patients and healthcare professionals shared their knowledge.


  • IMIA Social Media Group


  • PGCE in Research Supervision (Bournemouth University, 2008)
  • BA (Hons) in Health and Community Studies (Bournemouth University, 1993)
  • MSc in MSc Management for Professionals (University of Bristol, 2000)
  • EdD in Doctor of Education (University of Bristol, 2006)


  • British Computer Society (FBCS CITP), Fellow,
  • NMC, Member,
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