A “Soft” Approach to Analysing Mobile Financial Services Sociotechnical Systems

This source preferred by Huseyin Dogan, Edward Apeh and Christopher Richardson

Authors: Ambore, S., Richardson, C., Dogan, H., Apeh, E. and Osselton, D.


Start date: 11 July 2016

Advances in mobile computing have presented a huge opportunity to provide Mobile Financial Services (MFS) to half of the world’s population who currently do not have access to financial services. However, cybersecurity concerns in the mobile computing ecosystem have slowed down the adoption of MFS. The adoption of MFS is further hampered by the lack of a clear understanding of the interaction between the complex infrastructures and human factors that exist in the ecosystem for Mobile Financial Services Socio-Technical Systems (MFSSTS). This paper presents the work in progress of investigating the problem of MFSSTS. It discusses the preliminary results and understanding obtained from using Human Factor approaches to build and analyse the model for MFSSTS.

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