What's the Story? A Proposed Approach for the Evaluation of Experimental Interactive Narrative.

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Authors: Hargood, C., Artis, B. and Stevens, C.


Start date: 4 July 2017

Publisher: ACM

Evaluation of experimental digital narrative often focuses on the overall user experience. While this is important, we recognise the need for more granular forms of evaluation to measure the efficacy of individual digital narrative delivery techniques which continue to grow in variety as authors explore different approaches to telling stories using interactive media. In this paper we propose a multi-layered evaluation methodology based on the principle of deconstructing an interactive narratives internal fabula and story and three separate stages of interview for collecting evidence of the efficacy of different techniques used within story payloads to deliver content. This proposed methodology shows early promise, and potentially provides a means to identify the individual efficacy of techniques within a wider digital narrative.

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