An Investigation into Usability and First Time User Experiences within Mobile Games

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Authors: Barnett, L., Gatzidis, C. and Harvey, C.

Start date: 26 June 2017

With scientific research regarding usability and guidance plus First-Time User Experiences (FTUEs) in video games currently sparse, it is imperative to assist existing and future developers in the field build usable games and effective guidance systems. For the work presented in this publication, research was conducted to investigate the effects of guidance on mobile game us-ability using two independent groups; featuring two commercial games with and without the presence of a FTUE. The results show, with significance, that guidance via a FTUE increases one element of usability, ‘information quality’. However, overall usability is not increased by the presence of a FTUE. The above highlights the importance of a coherently designed interface, interaction and control systems plus the advantages of increased information quality through the delivery of guidance via a FTUE.

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