The King’s new clothes in the eyes of the beholder: developing a measurement scale for attitude towards corruption

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Authors: Gbadamosi, G. and Bello, M.

Editors: Kaynak, E. and Harcar, T.D.

Start date: 1 July 2009

Pages: 73-78

Publisher: IMDA

This study investigates the validity and reliability of a developing scale on attitude towards corruption. It correlates this scale with existing and related behavioural measures, both ethical (money ethic, work ethic and corruption perception) and non-ethical (organisational commitment and job satisfaction). Survey data was obtained from 1833 respondents in Nigeria. Findings confirm the 20-item measure as a multidimensional construct loading on 4 factors with a reliability coefficient (0.62) and with evidence of construct validity. Significant relationships were also found between attitude towards corruption and both the ethical and non-ethical behavioural measures investigated. Some further research directions were suggested.

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