Dark Storm Phials

This source preferred by Paul Smith and Vicky Isley

Authors: Smith, P., Isley, V. and boredomresearch


Start date: 5 November 2015

When creating generative artworks which run in real-time, boredomresearch carefully consider how they can balance emergent properties with states of instability to create a dynamic environment and composition. They have found through practice that too much destruction in their virtual worlds can lead to collapse and too much growth and the software can quickly crash with the burden of an overloaded population. Culturally, we have an uncomfortable relationship with destructive processes despite them often being an essential part of growth. The ongoing struggle of organisms, filling gaps made by disruptions in the progression of life, creates patterns and rhythms familiar to our contemporary sensibilities. Inspired by one of the most primitive plants on earth, in Dark Storm Phials we witness delicate forms, exhibit behaviour, not dissimilar to that of the commercial high street or financial system. At the level of an abstract computer model the behaviour of one system can be related to another. Here we have a model inspired by infection transmission applied to growth to maintain a population of forms in a delicate balance.

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