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Gabrielle Delbarre

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Journal Articles

  • Smith, M.J., Allen, M.J., Delbarre, G., Booth, T., Cheetham, P., Bailey, L., O'Malley, F., Pearson, M.P. and Green, M., 2016. Holding on to the past: Southern British evidence for mummification and retention of the dead in the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age. JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE-REPORTS, 10, 744-756.
  • Bello, S., Delbarre, G., De Groote, I. and Parfitt, S., 2016. A newly discovered antler flint-knapping hammer and the question of their rarity in the Palaeolithic archaeological record: Reality or bias? Quaternary International, 403, 107-117.
  • Stringer, C., Delbarre, G., Hooker, J. and Kruszynski, R., 2015. Fossil care and fossil studies: Andy Currant, former curator of the fossil mammals collections at the Natural History Museum, London. Geological Journal, 50 (3), 224-229.
  • Bello, S., De Groote, I. and Delbarre, G., 2013. Application of 3-dimensional microscopy and micro-CT scanning to the analysis of Magdalenian portable art on bone and antler. Journal of archaeological science, 40 (5), 2464-2476.
  • Bello, S., Delbarre, G., Parfitt, S., Currant, A., Kruszynski, R. and Stringer, C., 2013. Lost and found. The remarkable curatorial history of one of the earliest discoveries of Palaeolithic portable art. Antiquity, 87 (335), 237-244.
  • Delbarre, G., Clegg, M., Kruszynski, R. and Bonney, H., 2012. A New Known Age and Sex Collection at the Natural History Museum, London. BAR International Series, 2380, 103-110.


  • Smith, M., Allen, M., Booth, T., Madgwick, R., Bailey, L., O'Malley, F., Delbarre, G. and Green, M., 2014. Keeping the Family Together: Curation, Imitation and Veneration of the Dead in a British Prehistoric Landscape. In: European Archaeology Association Meeting September 2014 Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Delbarre, G., Bello, S. and Parfitt, S., 2011. Magdalenian bone and antler artefacts: a re-discovery within the Natural History Museum collections. In: Ancient Human Occupation of Britain 3. "Dispersals of Early Human: Adaptations, frontiers and new territories" May 2011 Queen Mary University. London.


  • Delbarre, G., Pitman, D., Smith, M., Wilkes, E., Darvill, T. and Holloway, M., 2017. Exploring Science and Archaeology @ Bournemouth Heritage Centres. In: Pitt Rivers Annual Conference, Bournemouth University.
  • Delbarre, G., 2016. Archaeology in the community: Exploring the past at Bournemouth Heritage Centres. In: Palaeolithic - Mesolithic Conference, British Museum, London.
  • Delbarre, G., Smith, M., Green, M., Sykes, D. and Summerfield, R., 2015. The Hole Truth: Evidence for Curation of the Dead in Bronze Age Canada Farm, Dorset, UK. In: 17th Annual Conference of the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology. Sheffield..
  • Delbarre, G., Barton, N. and Holloway, M., 2013. Connecting with the Past: the new Heritage Centre @ Hengistbury Head, Dorset, UK. In: Theoretical Archaeology Group Annual Conference. Bournemouth.
  • Delbarre, G., Hunt, V. and Kruszynski, R., 2012. Curating the Dead in the Digital Age: the British Neolithic Collection at the Natural History Museum, London. In: 14th Annual Conference of hte British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology. Bournemouth.


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