Hany Elbardan

Dr Hany Elbardan

  • 01202 968707
  • helbardan at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance
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Journal Articles

  • Elbardan, H., Ali, M. and Ghoneim, A., 2016. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Introduction and Internal Auditing Legitimacy: An Institutional Analysis. Information Systems Management, 33 (3), 231-247.
  • Abidi and Elbardan, H., 2015. Explaining Arab Manufacturing Exporters’ Preference for Western over MENA Markets: The Key Role of Information Availability and R&D Spillovers. Organisational Studies and Innovation Review, 1 (1), 108-114.
  • Elbardan, H., Ali, M. and Ghoneim, A., 2015. The dilemma of internal audit function adaptation: The impact of ERP and corporate governance pressures. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 28 (1), 93-106.


  • Elbardan, H. and Kholeif, A.O., 2017. Enterprise Resource Planning, Corporate Governance and Internal Auditing An Institutional Perspective. Palgrave Macmillan.


  • Elsayed, N. and Elbardan, H., 2017. Does pay influence performance more or does performance influence pay more. In: Accounting and finance association of Australia and New Zealand reognices 2 July-4 December 2017 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
  • Elbardan, H. and Ali, M., 2012. Internal audit function response to ERP systems implementation. 976-985.
  • Elbardan, H. and Ali, M., 2011. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems implementation and internal audit function change.
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