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Visiting Fellow John Beavis

  • jbeavis at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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Journal Articles

  • Vassallo, J., Beavis, J., Smith, J.E. and Wallis, L.A., 2017. Major incident triage: Derivation and comparative analysis of the Modified Physiological Triage Tool (MPTT). INJURY-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE CARE OF THE INJURED, 48 (5), 992-999.
  • Morakabati, Y. and Beavis, J., 2017. Do Terrorist Attacks Leave an Identifiable "Fingerprint' on International Tourist Arrival Data? INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TOURISM RESEARCH, 19 (2), 179-190.
  • Morakabati, Y., Beavis, J. and Fletcher, J., 2014. Planning for a Qatar Without Oil: Tourism and Economic Diversification, a Battle of Perceptions. Tourism Planning and Development, 11 (4), 415-434.
  • Hartwell, H.J., Edwards, J.S.A. and Beavis, J., 2007. Plate versus bulk trolley food service in a hospital: comparison of patients' satisfaction. NUTRITION, 23 (3), 211-218.
  • Beavis, J. and Mott, C.J.B., 1999. Effects of land use on the amino acid composition of soils: 2. Soils from the Park Grass experiment and Broadbalk Wilderness, Rothamsted, England. GEODERMA, 91 (1-2), 173-190.
  • Allen, G. and Beavis, J., 1996. Building on the past. CHEMISTRY IN BRITAIN, 32 (9), 24-28.
  • Beavis, J. and Mott, C.J.B., 1996. Effects of land use on the amino acid composition of soils .1. Manured and unmanured soils from the Broadbalk continuous wheat experiment, Rothamsted, England. GEODERMA, 72 (3-4), 259-270.
  • Moynehan, C.R., Allen, G.C., Brown, I.T., Church, S.R., Beavis, J. and Ashurst, J., 1995. Surface Analysis Of Architectural Terracotta: Including New And Soiled Examples, And Pieces Treated With A Hydrofluoric Acid-Based Cleaning Solution. Journal of Architectural Conservation, 1 (1), 56-69.
  • Beavis, J., 1985. Amino acids in buried soils. Palaeoenvironmental investigations. Symposia of the Association for Environmental Archaeology 5A, 113-124.
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