Heritage site perceptions and motivations to visit

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Authors: Poria, Y., Reichel, A. and Biran, A.

Journal: Journal of Travel Research

Volume: 44

Issue: 3

Pages: 318-326

eISSN: 1552-6763

ISSN: 0047-2875

DOI: 10.1177/0047287505279004

The present study has two main objectives: (1) to further explore the motivations of potential visitors to a heritage site, and (2) to explore whether the relationships among the tourists' perceptions of the site relative to their own heritage are related to their motivations for the visit. The sample is composed of potential visitors to Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. The results reveal the existence of motives often ignored in previous studies, including emotional involvement and bequeathal of the site's narrative. The findings also indicate a distinct relationship between tourists' perceptions of a site relative to their own heritage and the motivations for visiting the site. The study contributes to the understanding of tourist behaviors relative to heritage settings along with implications for the marketing of heritage settings. © 2006 Sage Publications.

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