Balancing the Yin and Yang: A discussion on the role of universities in developing softer skills in accountancy

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Authors: Evans, C., Gbadamosi, G., Wells, J. and Scott, I.

Journal: Industry and Higher Education

Volume: 26

Pages: 1-8

ISSN: 0950-4222

DOI: 10.5367/ihe.2012.0081

This paper presents an examination of the importance of softer skills in the accountancy profession and a discussion of the contribution that universities can make in supporting the development of these skills. With employers increasingly demanding a greater range of softer skills such as effective communication, the paper is intended to challenge universities to reflect on whether they are maximizing the opportunity to prepare individuals for a career in the accountancy profession. The authors suggest that university lecturers teaching accountancy studies may need to adopt alternative learning methodologies, such as enquiry-based learning, to develop students’ softer skills effectively.

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