Inclusive ideologies and passive performances: Exploring masculinities and attitudes toward gay peers among boys in an elite youth football academy

This source preferred by Adi Adams and Emma Kavanagh

Authors: Adams, A. and Kavanagh, E.

Journal: Journal of Gender Studies

Publisher: Carfax Publishing Ltd.

ISSN: 0958-9236

Drawing on data generated from semi-structured, one-to-one interviews in 2012, this article focuses on the attitudinal disposition toward homosexuality of 12 English academy level football players aged 14-15. Results highlight the presence of progressive attitudes toward homosexuality even though some of the youth feel they lack the agency to contest homophobia when espoused in their schools. Using a blend of two dominating masculinities theories we use these interviews to highlight that boys in this setting are best understood as a complex imbrication of inclusivity yet socially-passive acceptance. We suggest that boys of this age are now primed for learning agency to contest the social marginalisation of others.

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