Neither Silent nor Invisible: A Comparison of Two Participative Projects Involving Older Lesbians and Gay Men in the United Kingdom

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Authors: Ward, R.J., River, L. and Fenge, L.-A.

Journal: Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services

Volume: 20

ISSN: 1053-8720

This article offers a comparative review of two participative projects involving older lesbians and gay men (OLG) in different parts of the United Kingdom. Both projects set out to promote local networks of OLGs, support and facilitate their input and commentary on local services and act as a prototype model of consultation that might be taken up and used in other areas. The authors review some of the challenges and achievements of each project and critically compare the two initiatives. Discussion of each stage of the projects includes an appraisal of the relative strengths and weaknesses of their different elements. Emphasis is placed upon the concern to involve OLGs at every level and stage of each project and how this was achieved. Reference to relevant policy provides a backdrop to a discussion of the practical considerations in setting up time-limited projects of this nature. Consideration of some of the outcomes of each project with emphasis upon the implications for utilising similar participative approaches in future consultation and inclusion initiatives is provided.

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