Janet Scammell

Dr Janet Scammell

  • Associate Professor
  • Bournemouth House B235, 19 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3LH
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Associate Professor, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Bournemouth University.

I am an experienced nurse academic with a particular interest in older people’s health. I have worked in health care education for a number of years in various roles including Director of Studies for Pre-Registration Nursing and Head of Learning and Teaching for the School.

My research interests concern inequalities in health care particularly for older people as well as for people from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) backgrounds. I have led funded service evaluations concerned with end of life care (Frances and Augustus Newman Foundation) and chronic respiratory disease (Wessex Academic Health Science Network). My doctoral studies explored racialised constructions of difference in practice supervisor and student encounters in a nurse education. I have published and presented conference papers as well taking the curricular lead in this area, using a humanising philosophy to underpin our undergraduate nursing curriculum...


Journal Articles


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PhD Students

  • Marionette Zvavamwe (An exploration of employing leadership to enhance both staff and the delivery quality patient care within the clinical setting)
  • Colin Paterson (Clinical decision-making in sports physiotherapy)
  • Layla Toomer (‘An exploration of Community Midwives and maternity Support Workers roles in the post-natal period.’)
  • Sue Mant (A Narrative Inquiry looking through the ‘lens’ of the learners experience in the first six months following completion of the current preparation programme for sign-off midwife mentors)
  • Sue Melling (Relatives’ perspectives, experiences and perceived needs related to humanistic, family centred care in a hospital setting)
  • Jane Fry (Are there other ways of knowing? Independent midwives experiences of utilising intuition during maternity care)

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Group supervisor for 2013 cohort - Doctorate in Professional Practice (D)
  • Unit Leader - Scholarship for Professional Practice on the PG Cert Academic Practice

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Unit Team Member - Vulnerability (I); Humanising Healthcare (I)
  • Unit Leader - Exploring Adult Nursing (C)

Invited Lectures

  • Keynote presentation to Practice Educator Conference


  • Service Evaluation of a newly established DAIRS Service (Wessex AHSN, 01 Dec 2014). Awarded
  • End of Life Care Education Project: A Service evaluation (Frances and Augustus Newman Trust, 01 Jan 2011). Awarded

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Join us for an interactive day exploring what makes us feel ‘more human’ when experiencing health and social care. Share in and develop our humanising care philosophy created at BU.
  • Trustee Poole-Africa Link – Charity supporting medical link activities in South Sudan (2013- ongoing)


  • State Registered Nurse in Nursing (General Nursing Council (GNC), 1979)
  • State Certified Midwife in Midwifery (General Nursing Council (GNC), 1981)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Nurse Education (South Bank Polytechnic, London, 1986)
  • BA (Hons) in Social Science (Open University, 1992)
  • MSc in Nursing (Kings College, London, 1996)
  • DNursSci in Nursing Science (University of Wales, 2010)


  • England Honour Society for Nurses, Board Member (2009-),
  • European Academy of Nursing Science, Member (2012-),
  • Higher Education Academy, Senior Fellow (2000-),
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council, Registered Nurse & Lecturer / Practice Educator (1979-),
  • Nursing Scholarship Society for England: Phi Mu Chapter, Vice President (2011-),
  • Royal College of Nursing, Member (1979-),
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