Maggie Hutchings

Dr Maggie Hutchings

  • Associate Professor
  • Royal London House R108, Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3LT
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I am an educational practitioner and researcher, leading and supporting innovations in learning, teaching and assessment, contributing to education programmes, leading projects, and pursuing research interests in pedagogical scholarship.

Recent initiatives include leading e-learning developments for Exploring Evidence to Guide Practice, a transprofessional unit for 600 Level I students, employing creative educational strategies mediated by rich multimedia case studies, group blogs, and computer assisted assessment. Other initiatives include online assignment handling, e-portfolios and online synchronous group supervision for postgraduate researchers. My scholarly activities are informed by a student centred philosophy with experiential learning and critical reflection as the focus for educational praxis and development in higher education. I have led and contributed to teacher education programmes and am currently leading a unit for the University's PG Certificate in Education Practice. My research interests include pedagogical scholarship, interprofessional education, blended learning, and lifeworld-led education, informed by critical theory...


Journal Articles



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PhD Students

  • Sue Mant (A Narrative Inquiry looking through the ‘lens’ of the learners experience in the first six months following completion of the current preparation programme for sign-off midwife mentors)
  • Carmel Maher (Design research methodologies: a framework to understand and guide academic design research)
  • David Halliwell (Approaches to learning of paramedic students using vocational and higher education routes)
  • Michele Salvagno (The highs and lows of ubiquitous mobile connectivity: towards a model for pedagogical delivery that supports the well-being of learners)
  • Baylie Hart Clarida (Strategies for digital inclusion: towards a pedagogy for embracing and sustaining student diversity and engagement with online learning)
  • Dawn Morley (Developing a theory of situated learning for student nurses in practice)
  • Dana Colbourne (Leading the way: A case study of a studnet midwife led postnatal clinic)


  • Promoting Dignity through understanding Narratives (Economic Social Research Council, 02 Nov 2013). Awarded

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • My voice, my story: the lived experience of being a non-traditional student at university. This workshop enables audience immersion in multimedia stories co-created by students using novel social participatory research to elict lived experiences of being a non-traditional student at university by engaging in telling/re-telling of stories (Jones, 2015). We focus on students from non-traditional backgrounds because research shows how the lived experiences of these students are often marginalised by institutions (Hunt et al., forthcoming; Thomas, 2012). Photovoice is seen to be effective in capturing stories and sharing the lives of non-traditional students (Warne et al., 2012; Minthorn and Marsh, 2016).


  • PG Cert in Further Education (Bournemouth University, 2011)
  • BA (Hons) in Social Studies (University of East Anglia, 1973)
  • MA in Information Studies (Social Sciences) (Sheffield University, 1975)
  • PhD in Education (University of Southampton, 2008)


  • Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (CAIPE), Member,
  • Higher Education Academy (FHEA), Principal Fellow,
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