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Rashid Bakirov

  • rbakirov at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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Journal Articles


  • Bakirov, R., Gabrys, B., Fay, D. and IEEE, 2016. Augmenting Adaptation with Retrospective Model Correction for Non-Stationary Regression Problems. 771-779.
  • Bakirov, R., Gabrys, B. and Fay, D., 2015. On Sequences of Different Adaptive Mechanisms in Non-Stationary Regression Problems. In: 2015 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks 12-17 July 2015 Killarney, Ireland.
  • Schroeder, J.W., Martin-Salvador, M., Bakirov, R. and Straus, U., 2015. Tactile satellite navigation system: Using haptic technology to enhance the sense of orientation and direction. 3364-3371.
  • Bakirov, R. and Gabrys, B., 2013. Investigation of Expert Addition Criteria for Dynamically Changing Online Ensemble Classifiers with Multiple Adaptive Mechanisms. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 646-656.
  • Bakirov, R. and Stich, C., 2011. Data mining on the installed base information: Possibilities and implementations. 649-654.


  • Bakirov, 2017. Multiple adaptive mechanisms for predictive models on streaming data. PhD Thesis. Bournemouth University, Faculty of Science and Technology.
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