Ubiquitous gaming interaction design workshop

This source preferred by Feng Tian and Wen Tang

Authors: Tang, W., Gatzisdis, C. and Tian, F.


Publisher: HCI '16 Proceedings of the 30th International BCS Human Computer Interaction Conference: Fusion!

Digital games are ingrained in the 21st centenary culture and lifestyle. Driven by some of the most advanced digital technologies, the increasing affordability of high quality game content on multiple personal devices means that it is more feasible to generate engaging gaming interactions for powerful player cognitive and affective responses. Such ubiquitous Human Computer Interaction paradigm presents unique challenges in games design and user interaction modelling. This workshop will focus on both technical and social aspects research topics, bringing together researchers in this cross-cutting area to discuss new approaches and issues related to the challenges. Novel applications of applied games(e.g. serious games)that demonstrate the use of ubiquitous gaming in health, education, and training are particularly welcome as part of the main theme of the workshop.

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