Sue Eccles

Dr Sue Eccles

  • Senior Principal Academic
  • EBC - Room 501
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Dr Sue Eccles is a Senior Principal Academic, having worked in HE since 1995. She has spent the last 7 years at Bournemouth University in leadership posts: as Associate Dean (Head of Department) for an Academic Groups and as Head of Education across the whole of the Faculty. She has experience of strategic management and leadership, as well as in-depth knowledge and understanding of education practice within HE. She established and now leads the University’s HEA accredited UKPSF scheme (Teach@BU), which recognises and supports excellent education practice across the institution and is the Head of the Faculty’s Learning Development Team.

Her original research interests were in consumer behaviour and, in particular, the extremes of consumption behaviour. In the 1990s, she conducted the first major UK study into addictive consumption ('shopaholics'!) which was funded by the ESRC and widely reported in the national and international media. From consumers to students and academics, she now has a research portfolio which includes the transition of (international) students into HE, widening participation and the experiences of young people as they make choices and decisions prior to HE...


Journal Articles


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PhD Students

  • Marian Mayer (Transformative learning within the neoliberal context of Higher Education in the UK.)
  • Richard Berry (Exploring contemporary advertising through auto-ethnography)
  • Damien Horner (The rhetoric of participation: An evaluation of the impact of learners' voices initiatives in a college of FE)
  • Ed Bickle (Widening Participation)
  • Jill Quest
  • Amber Burton

Invited Lectures

  • Harvard Business School


  • Staff perceptions of learner journeys and CPD support study (Higher Education Academy, 02 Mar 2015). Awarded
  • The UKPSF, Senior/Principal Fellows and Leadership within HE (Higher Education Academy, 01 May 2014). In Progress
  • Establishing a Creative Enterprise Bureau (HEIF, 01 Oct 2010). Completed

External Responsibilities

  • Journal for Learning Development in Higher Education, Editor (2015-)
  • Higher Education Academy, Academic Associate (2013-)
  • International College of Business and Technology, Sri Lanka, External Examiner (2014-)
  • Poole Grammar School for Boys, Community Academy Governor (2011-)
  • Association for Learning Development in HE, Steering Group Member (2015-2018)
  • University of Central Lancashire, External Examiner (2014-)
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University, External Examiner (2013-)
  • University of Ulster, External Examiner (2012-)

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Community Governor at Poole Grammar School for Boys


  • MA in Education (Open University, 2015)
  • DipM in Marketing (Chartered Institute of Marketing, 1993)
  • BSc (Hons) in Marketing (Lancaster University, 1992)
  • PhD in Consumer Behaviour - Addictive Consumption (Lancaster University, 2000)


  • ALDinHE, Steering Group Member (2014-),
  • Association for Consumer Research, Member,
  • Higher Education Academy, Associate (2013-),
  • Higher Education Academy, Senior Fellow (2013-),
  • Society for Research in HE, Member,
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