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Professor Neal White

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Professor Neal White is Director of Emerge, the Experimental Media Research Group. He is based in the Media Production Department, where he draws on his knowledge of art and design in relation to new technologies. He is currently acting as REF leader in the Faculty (UoA34: Art and Design) having submitted research returns in 2008 and including one of two Impact Case Studies to REF2014.

His research and work as an artist overlap, as it is driven by a long standing concern with the impact of art and artists on society. Having cofounded the BAFTA award winning London based Art and Technology group; Soda (1997-2002) his interest in creative computing and critical media art led him into teaching and then research. In 2004 with increased interested in interdisciplinary, collaborative and social forms of practice, he founded the Office of Experiments (2004), an International network of artists, academics, architects, etc. based in London that have since developed research and projects with support from both inside and outside the University...



  • White, N., 2015. Aesthetic of the Secret (panel): Secrecy and Art in Practice. In: POLITICS AND PRACTICES OF SECRECY 15 May 2015 Edmund J Safra Lecture Theatre King’s Building Strand Campus.
  • White, N., 2015. The Imaginary Archive. In: The Imaginary Archive 29 January 2015 Whitechapel Gallery, London.
  • White, N., 2013. The Speedie Telstar. In: TULCA Festival of Contemporary Arts 7-9 November 2013 Eire, Galway.
  • White, N., Di Franco, K. and Quirk, R., 2012. The Way Things Go. A Way of Doing Things. In: Exhibition As Medium End Symposium 14 June 2012 The Showroom, london.
  • White, N., 2012. Institutional Ruination and Catastrophe. In: Association of American Geographers 22-25 February 2012 New York.
  • White, N., 2011. Exploring Dark Places. In: Covert Cultures: Art and the Secret State, 1911-1989 4-5 February 2011 The Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Cambridge University.


  • White, N., 2005. The Third Campaign (2004-5). Artists action filmed over two weeks and presented as a video, a series of drawings, official letters, documents, archive box, reprinted original plates from Epstein archive at HMI, placards, props. The Third Campaign. The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds. January 2004-February 2005.
  • White, N.. Werk 10. Sculpture, Media. Werk 10. Kunstmuseum Heidenheim.
  • White, N. and Kenner, M.. Extract from the Mike Kenner Archive. Part of Experimentality: The Exhibition 7 July, 2010 - 15 July, 2010. Peter Stott gallery, Lancaster University. 7-15 July 2010.
  • White, N.. Experimental Proving Grounds of Coast and Sea. Micro Exhibition. Bridport Arts Centre. October-December 2010.
  • White, N., Troisi, A. and Smith, R.. "Tuning the Hyperdrone" for Seismic Data and Super Collider, project by Office of Experiment. Audio piece. 9 Events with Tina O'Connell & Neal White in association with Objectif Exhibitions. Royal College of Art, Dyson Building, London,. 5-25 March 2016.


PhD Students

  • Evangelina Sousa
  • Lisa Haskell (DEng. Centre for Digital Entertainment with the Arts Catalyst, London (EPSRC))
  • Katy Connor (Digital Tides; material and Immaterial Art Practices (AHRC))

External Responsibilities


  • PGCE in Graduate Research Supervision (Bournemouth University, 2007)
  • MA in Digital Arts (Middlesex University, 1997)
  • PGCE in Post 16 Education (Institute of Education, 1996)
  • BA (Hons) in Graphic Design (University of Wales, 1987)


  • BAFTA Interactive Arts with Soda Creative Technologies Ltd (BAFTA, 2001)
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