Zara Ghodsi

Dr Zara Ghodsi

  • 01202 965641
  • zghodsi at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Lecturer in Quantitative Methods
  • Christchurch House C207, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Journal Articles

  • Hassani, H., Silva, E.S. and Ghodsi, Z., 2017. Optimizing bicoid signal extraction. Mathematical Biosciences, 294, 46-56.
  • Hassani, H. and Ghodsi, Z., 2017. Evaluating the analytical distribution of bicoid gene expression profile. Meta Gene, 14, 91-99.
  • Ghodsi, Z., Huang, X. and Hassani, H., 2017. Causality analysis detects the regulatory role of maternal effect genes in the early Drosophila embryo. GENOMICS DATA, 11, 20-38.
  • Silva, E.S., Ghodsi, Z., Ghodsi, M., Heravi, S. and Hassani, H., 2017. Cross country relations in European tourist arrivals. ANNALS OF TOURISM RESEARCH, 63, 151-168.
  • Hassani, H., Ghodsi, Z., Gupta, R. and Segnon, M., 2017. Forecasting Home Sales in the Four Census Regions and the Aggregate US Economy Using Singular Spectrum Analysis. COMPUTATIONAL ECONOMICS, 49 (1), 83-97.
  • Alharbi, N., Ghodsi, Z. and Hassani, H., 2016. Noise correction in gene expression data: a new approach based on subspace method. MATHEMATICAL METHODS IN THE APPLIED SCIENCES, 39 (13), 3750-3757.
  • Ghodsi, M., Amiri, S., Hassani, H. and Ghodsi, Z., 2016. An enhanced version of Cochran-Armitage trend test for genome-wide association studies. META GENE, 9, 225-229.
  • Hassani, H., Ghodsi, Z., Silva, E.S. and Heravi, S., 2016. From nature to maths: Improving forecasting performance in subspace-based methods using genetics Colonial Theory. DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING, 51, 101-109.
  • Ghodsi, Z., Hassani, H. and McGhee, K., 2015. Mathematical approaches in studying bicoid gene. Quantitative Biology.
  • Ghodsi, Z., Silva, E.S. and Hassani, H., 2015. Bicoid Signal Extraction with a Selection of Parametric and Nonparametric Signal Processing Techniques. GENOMICS PROTEOMICS & BIOINFORMATICS, 13 (3), 183-191.
  • Ghodsi, Z., 2015. The impact of disaggregation on the forecasting performance of natural gas price. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY AND STATISTICS, 3 (2).
  • Hassani, H. and Ghodsi, Z., 2015. A glance at the applications of Singular Spectrum Analysis in gene expression data. Biomolecular Detection and Quantification, 4, 17-21.
  • Hassani, H. and Ghodsi, Z., 2014. Pattern Recognition of Gene Expression with Singular Spectrum Analysis. Medical Sciences, 2 (3), 127-139.
  • Ghodsi, Z. and Hardi Nabi, O., 2014. Forecasting energy data using Singular Spectrum Analysis in the presence of outlier(s). International Journal of Energy and Statistics.
  • Ghodsi, Z., Mahdavi Shahri, N. and Khajeh Amiri, S., 2012. Quantitative and Qualitative Study of Dermatoglyphic Patterns in Albinism. Current Research Journal of Biological Sciences.


Profile of Teaching PG

  • Research Method
  • Research projects supervision
  • Public Finance and Tax Policy
  • International Indirect Taxation

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Econometric Techniques
  • Research projects supervision
  • Basic Statistical Techniques
  • Genetics
  • Taxation Economics and Policy
  • Professional Studies and Quantitative Techniques
  • Mathematics for Economists
  • Indirect Taxation

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Organizing Committee: 2014 Singular Spectrum Analysis Workshop (2014 SSA); September 8-9, 2014, Bournemouth, United Kingdom.

Conference Presentations

  • 34th International Symposium on Forecasting, Gene expression signal extraction using singular spectrum analysis: A minimum variance based approach, 29 Jun 2014, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • European Human Genetics Conference, Evaluating the association between candidate gene and disease status in genome-wide association studies: An enhanced version of Cochran-Armitage trend test, 06 Jun 2015, Glasgow, UK.
  • 36th International Symposium on Forecasting, A New Bio Inspired Forecasting Algorithm Based on Genomic Evolution, 19 Jun 2016, Santander, Spain.


  • Higher Education Academy, Fellow (2017-),
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