Ann Bevan

Dr Ann Bevan

  • 01202 961572
  • abevan at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Senior Lecturer in Child Health Nursing
  • Bournemouth House B233, 19 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3LH
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I am a senior lecturer in the Children’s and Young People’s nursing programme. I have been a registered nurse for over 30 years and have qualifications in adult nursing, midwifery and children's nursing. I have nursed in many areas in the UK and also in Hong Kong. I returned to the UK in January 2010 after nursing and teaching for 16 years in Canada. I have many years experience as a nurse educator. My research interests are mainly around children’s nutrition and childhood obesity, but also in all aspects of child health. My primary research methodology is action research.


Successful collaborative BID for EU funds bringing in £400,000 for BU and £1.6 million in total to all EU partners 2013-2015

Received HEIF funding for collaborative research in July 2016 as a co-investigator, titled: Establishing a network to disseminate the results of SHIVA project aimed to provide virtual sculpting tools for users with wide range of disabilities. Ongoing.

Received HEIF funds for a research project in March 2017 as principal investigator, titled: Understanding behaviour change towards healthy diet patterns in women of childbearing age. Ongoing.

2015 - CEL Fusion funding received for development of online theme titled: An on-line, web-based resource on Public Health and Obesity Prevention for interprofessional education and its evaluation. A collaboration with Fotini Tsofliou and Denyse King.

Journal Articles


  • Bevan, A.L., 2018. Disorders of the Digestive System. In: Gormley-Fleming, E. and Peate, I., eds. Fundamentals of children's applied pathophysiology. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell.
  • Appleton, K., Hemingway, A., Saulais, L., Dinnella, C., Monteleone, E., Depezay, L., Castagna, E., Perez-Cueto, F.J.A., Bevan, A. and Hartwell, H., 2017. Increasing Vegetable Intakes: An Updated Systematic Review of Published Interventions. Advances in vegetable consumption and health. Colombia, US: Nova Science Publishers.
  • Bevan, A.L., 2015. Reproductive systems. In: Peate, I., ed. Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology of children and young people for student nurses. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.


  • Davis, T., Pierson, D. and Bevan, A., 2019. INCREASING ACCESS TO MUSIC IN SEN SETTINGS. In: Sound and Music Computing Conference 28-31 May 2019 Malaga.
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  • Bevan, A., hartwell, H., Hemingway, A. and Proenca, R., 2014. An exploration of the fruit and vegetable ‘foodscape’ in a university setting: A pilot study. In: 11th International conference on culinary arts and science, 13-15 June 2014 Porto, Portugal.
  • Rosser, E., Scammell, J., Bevan, A. and Hundley, V., 2014. Global Scholarship: the challenges for nursing. In: Sigma Theta Tau International Honour Society 2nd European Regional Conference 15-18 June 2014 Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Bevan, A., 2004. What are a Researcher’s Ethical Obligations? In: Regional Research Ethics Conference May 2004 Medicine Hat, AB.
  • Bevan, A., 2002. The Matrix Approach to Provision of Access to Primary Health Care for College Populations. In: The 6th Annual Health Promotion conference April 2002 Vancouver, Canada.
  • Bevan, A., 1997. Report of the results of research on breastfeeding rates, and the progress of the Baby Friendly movement. In: Region to a conference of the Breastfeeeding Matters Group 1997 Calgary.
  • Bevan, A.. Sept 2010 – BU Qualitative Research Conference. Presentation. Living health promotion: Mothers’ knowledge and current practices regarding the nutrition and physical activity for their preschool children. In: BU Qualitative Research Conference September 2010 Bournemouth University.
  • Bevan, A.. Participatory Action Research: A Means for Engaging Mothers in the Process of Improving Their Pre- School Children’s Diet and Level of Physical Activity. In: May 2011 - International Conferences in Community Health Nursing Research, Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Poster Presentation. May 2011 University of Alberta, Canada.

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Doctoral and Masters supervision and teaching

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Child health Nursing Undergruate program


  • Increasing access to Music: Music Technology in Special Educational Needs (SEN) settings. (HIEF5+1+1, 01 Aug 2016). In Progress
  • Veggieat (EU IAPP, 01 Oct 2013). Awarded
  • To critically evaluate vegetable acceptability through individual and environmental characteristics across the lifespan in institutional food service (EU grant, 01 Apr 2013). Awarded
  • An Exploration of the Fruit and Vegetable “Foodscape” in a University Setting: A Pilot Study. (BU Seedcorn Funding, 01 Mar 2012). Completed
  • Exploration of the fruit and vegetable foodscape in a university as a workplace and educational setting (BUPA, 01 Jul 2011). Completed
  • Graduate Research Scholarship (University of Calgary, 01 Jan 2006). Completed
  • Professional Development Graduate Studies Award (Medicine Hat College, 01 Jan 2005). Completed
  • Dean’s Entrance Scholarship (Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Calgary, 01 Jan 2004). Completed
  • Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust (Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust, 01 Jan 2004). Completed
  • Breastfeeding Research Study (NA, 01 Jan 1998). Completed

External Responsibilities

  • International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Editorial Board member (2015-)
  • Sheffield Hallam University, External examiner for child nursing programme (2013-)
  • Phi Mu Chapter of Nurses, Treasurer (2011-)
  • Medicine Hat College Child Development Centre, Board Chair (2008-2009)
  • College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta Competence Committee, Member (2007-2009)
  • Alberta ethics board (CREBA), Board member (2003-2009)
  • Palliser Health Regional Research, Founding member and committee member. (1996-2009)
  • Journal of Pediatric Nursing, Reviewer
  • Perspective in Public Health, Reviewer
  • International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Reviewer
  • Nutrition and Dietetics, Reviewer

Internal Responsibilities

  • Year 1 lead across all nursing programmes, BU HSS
  • RG2 ethics board reviewer, BU HSS
  • Member of the Staff Mobility and Networking Committee – Fusion Fund, BU
  • QAEG committee member, BU
  • Programme lead for CYP Nursing programme, HSS


  • PhD in Nursing (Calgary University, Alberta, Canada, 2008)
  • MSc in Nursing and Health Studies (Edinburgh University, 1993)
  • PG Dip in Nursing (University of London, 1991)
  • PG Cert in Education in Education (HEA, 2011)
  • RSCN in Registered Sick Children’s Nurse (Bristol Royal Hospital for Sick Children, 1983)
  • SCM in State Certified Midwife (Whipps Cross Hospital, 1981)
  • Registered Nurse in Nursing (Poole General Hospital, 1979)


  • 30 year long service award (College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA), 2009)
  • Medicine Hat College Instructor of the Year Nomination (Medicine Hat College, 2004)
  • Academic Achievement Award (Medicine Hat College, 2002)


  • Association of British Paediatric Nurses, Member (2010-),
  • CARNA (College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta), Member (2009-),
  • England Honour Society, Member,
  • Higher Education Academy, Fellow (2012-),
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council (RN & RSCN), Member (2009-),
  • Phi Mu Chapter, Member (2010-),
  • Royal College of Nursing, Member (2010-),
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