Alice Hall

Dr Alice Hall

  • Post Doctoral Research Assistant
  • CG23,
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I am a marine biologist with a strong interest in artificial structures and ecological enhancement. I am currently working as a postdoctoral researcher on the Atlantic Interreg project 3DPARE which has 3D printed artificial reef units for use in the Atlantic region. I conduct various surveys including scientific SCUBA diving, Remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUV).


My PhD research investigated the impact of artificial structures on the marine environment, in particular coastal structures such as seawalls, groynes and piers.

My research includes work on the: 1) Benthic communities on wooden and rock groynes in comparison to natural shores.

2) Processes on wooden and rock groynes in comparison to natural shores; settlement, recruitment and mortality

3) Ecological Enhancement of artificial structures through surface heterogeneity and water retention

4) The influence of piers on the surrounding communities?

5) Modelling the connectivity of artificial structures through larvae supply


Journal Articles


  • Hall, A., Latham, D., Siddle, R., Donoghue, M. and Hull, S., 2020. Managing Ecological, Community and Bathing Water Quality Aspects in Design and Construction: Runswick Bay Coastal Protection Scheme, UK. In: ICE Coastal Management 2019 23-26 September 2019 La Rochelle, France. Coastal Management 2019: Joining forces to shape our future coasts, 447-458 ICE Publishing.
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  • Hall, A., Herbert, R., Hull, S. and Siddle, R., 2017. Improving habitat heterogenity on coastal defence structures. In: ICE Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters 5-7 September 2017 Liverpool.
  • Hall, A., Herbert, R.J.H., Britton, R. and Thomas, B., 2016. How persistent are assemblages upon wooden and rock groyne “reefs”? In: International Temperate Reef Symposium 26 June-30 August 2016 Pisa, Italy.
  • Herbert, R.K.H., Boyd, I. and Hall, A., 2016. Making space for water on coastal infrastructure. In: Greening to improve asset resilience of estuarine and coastal assets 4 February-4 August 2016 Glasgow University.




External Responsibilities

  • Marine Biological Association, Student Ambassador (2014-)

Attended Training

  • TELEMAC Summer School, 06 Jul 2015


  • PhD in Ecology & Ecological Enhancement of Coastal AS (2018)


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