Annesia Lamb

Dr Annesia Lamb

  • Post-Doctoral Research Assistant/Senior Research Associate RaNTrans
  • CH
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Journal Articles

  • Newton, A.C. et al., 2021. Operationalising the concept of ecosystem collapse for conservation practice. Biological Conservation, 264.
  • Lamb, A.L., Kim, J.K., Yarish, C. and Branco, B.F., 2019. Identification of the Bloom Forming Ulva and Macroalgal Assemblage in Jamaica Bay, New York, USA. Rhodora, 120 (984), 269-299.
  • George-Raizen, J.B., Shockley, K.R., Trojanowski, N.F., Lamb, A.L. and Raizen, D.M., 2014. Dynamically-expressed prion-like proteins form a cuticle in the pharynx of Caenorhabditis elegans. Biology Open, 3 (11), 1139-1149.
  • Driver, R.J., Lamb, A.L., Wyner, A.J. and Raizen, D.M., 2013. DAF-16/FOXO regulates homeostasis of essential sleep-like behavior during larval transitions in C. elegans. Current Biology, 23 (6), 501-506.
  • Chuang, H.S., Raizen, D.M., Lamb, A., Dabbish, N. and Bau, H.H., 2011. Dielectrophoresis of Caenorhabditis elegans. Lab on a Chip, 11 (4), 599-604.