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Dr Fatima Amat Trigo

  • 01202 965723
  • amattrigof at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Marie Curie Research Fellow
  • CG17,
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Journal Articles

  • Sanchez-Perez, A., Oliva-Paterna, F.J., Amat-Trigo, F. and Torralva, M., 2021. Variability in population traits of a sentinel iberian fish in a highly modified mediterranean-type river. Water (Switzerland), 13 (6).
  • Britton, J.R., Gutmann Roberts, C., Amat Trigo, F., Nolan, E.T. and De Santis, V., 2019. Predicting the ecological impacts of an alien invader: Experimental approaches reveal the trophic consequences of competition. Journal of Animal Ecology, 88 (7), 1066-1078.
  • Britton, J.R., Ruiz-Navarro, A., Verreycken, H. and Amat-Trigo, F., 2018. Trophic consequences of introduced species: Comparative impacts of increased interspecific versus intraspecific competitive interactions. Functional Ecology, 32 (2), 486-495.
  • Guo, Z., Sheath, D., Amat Trigo, F. and Britton, J.R., 2017. Comparative functional responses of native and high-impacting invasive fishes: impact predictions for native prey populations. Ecology of Freshwater Fish, 26 (4), 533-540.
  • Gutmann Roberts, C., Bašić, T., Amat Trigo, F. and Britton, J.R., 2017. Trophic consequences for riverine cyprinid fishes of angler subsidies based on marine-derived nutrients. Freshwater Biology, 62 (5), 894-905.
  • Trigo, F.A., Roberts, C.G. and Britton, J.R., 2017. Spatial variability in the growth of invasive european barbel Barbus Barbus in the River Severn basin, revealed using anglers as citizen scientists. Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems.