Local government social care workforce development expenditure: a survey of trends and funding

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Authors: Brown, K., Bates, N. and Keen, S.

Volume: 11

Publisher: Learn to Care

Place of Publication: Birmingham

ISBN: 9780954052270

Learn to Care represents people engaged in the management and implementation of workforce development in the social care sector. Learn to Care has undertaken an annual survey of its members since 2004 to see how the Department of Health’s National Training Strategy Grant and the Human Resources Development Strategy Grant are being used in England. This report details the findings from the 2007 survey and compares them with its predecessors. The 2007 survey asks questions around the Department of Health’s training and workforce development grants; the funding of workforce development in the voluntary, independent and private (VIP) sector; the involvement of people who use services and their informal carers; and good practice examples.

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