Effective Leadership, Management and Supervision in Health and Social Care

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Authors: Brown, K., Gray, I. and Field, R.

Editors: Brown, K.

Publisher: Learning Matters

Place of Publication: Exeter

ISBN: 9781844451814

Written for first line managers, this book offers a comprehensive introduction to the areas of responsibility and the key organisational functions that managers must address. Part one takes a project management approach and explores areas such as managing training and development, and leading and developing the team. Part two critically explores the context of Health and Social Care management including the current policy environment, managerialism and professional cultures, and evidence based management practice. The book can be used to support students on the new Post Qualifying pathway for Leadership and Management or be incorporated into induction and introductory courses.

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Authors: Field, R. and Brown, K.

Publisher: Learning Matters

ISBN: 9781473996403

This is a practical introduction to the areas of leadership, management and supervision for line managers, supervisors and senior practitioners working in health and social care settings.

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