Dementia and Memory: A Handbook for Students and Professionals

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Authors: Thompson, S.

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing

Place of Publication: Aldershot, England

Dementia and related diseases are likely to affect at least four in every hundred 75-79 year olds in the developed world over the coming years. As we are faced with an ever-expanding older population, it is crucial that we develop our understanding of how to treat people suffering from such conditions. This accessible book provides extensive information on the different types of dementia and on memory problems more generally. It includes detailed coverage of how to alleviate memory problems including simple forgetfulness and discussion on issues such as ageism. For the student reader, there are descriptions and discussions of key topics as well as practical step-by-step guidance. The book includes a memory test as well as a comprehensive list of useful addresses and suggestions for further reading. The book will be an invaluable resource for the trained healthcare and medical professional and for the student reader.

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