Caridad Ballesteros

Dr Caridad Ballesteros

  • Post Doctoral Researcher
  • CG23,
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Dr Cari Ballesteros is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Bournemouth University. Cari moved to the UK from Spain in 2017 after completing her PhD in Coastal Risk Management, with a focus on multi-hazard risk assessment along the Mediterranean coast at different spatial and temporal scales. Cari holds Bachelor’s degrees in Marine Science and Environmental Science and a Master’s degree in Land Use Planning. This multi-disciplinary background is reflected in her research interests: coastal risk, climate change impacts, nature-based solutions, risk perception, mapping and GIS.


Cari is currently working on the Rising from the Depths network project. The project aims to identify ways in which marine cultural heritage (MCH) can directly benefit coastal communities in East Africa (Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya and Madagascar) and will bring opportunities and methods for protecting and utilising MCH to stimulate alternative sources of income, foster local identities, and enhance the value and impact of overseas aid in the marine sector. Cari’s work will help to better understand hazards and risk to MCH through the development of a vulnerability index combining a range of environmental, climate and social indicators. Cari has participated in several Spanish and European research projects, such as PaiRisC-M, PaiRisClima (Spanish), RISES-AM and RISC-KIT, where Cari contributed in the development of methods to analyse the socio-economic impacts of natural hazards. At the Flood Hazard Research Centre (FHRC) in London, during her PhD placement, Cari developed a social flood vulnerability index for the Catalan coast, Spain.

Journal Articles


  • Esteves, L.S. and Ballesteros, C., 2019. BUILDING AN INDEX OF EXPOSURE TO COASTAL CHANGE IN EASTERN AFRICA WITH APPLICATIONS TO CONSERVATION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE. In: Wang, P., Rosati, J. and Vallee, M., eds. Coastal Sediments 27-31 May 2019 St Petersburg, Florida, USA. World Scientific, 1063-1076.

Conference Presentations

  • ECSA56, Coastal systems in transition. From a "natural" to an "anthropogenically-modified" state, Assessing the coastal risk landscape in the Maresme region, 04 Sep 2016, Bremen (Germany)
  • XIII Jornadas Españolas de Ingenieria de Costas y Puertos, Evaluación socio-económica del impacto de las inundaciones en la costa del Maresme, 24 Jun 2015, Avilés (Spain)
  • 3rd International Symposium on Integrated Coastal Zone Management, The risk landscape in the Maresme coast (Catalonia, NW Mediterranean), 14 Oct 2014, Antalya (Turkey)
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