Great Jumping Hexapods!

This source preferred by Vicky Isley and Paul Smith

Authors: Isley, V., Smith, P. and boredomresearch

Editors: Daniel, J. and Gillett, S.

Pages: 146-151

Publisher: British Council

Place of Publication: London

ISBN: 978-086355-637-1

Vicky Isley & Paul Smith (aka boredomresearch) were invited to write an essay (1,000 words) for the British Council publication which is accompanying the exhibition & symposium 'On the Edge of the World' at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh (14 May —15 July 2010).

In boredomresearchs' essay 'Great Jumping Hexapods!' they explain their research into natural systems and how they explore these inspirations in their own generative systems.

'On the Edge of the World' publication is in full colour, 200 page in English/Spanish with additional artists' work, 11 essays and historical material exploring the subject more fully.

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