Modelling a Virtual Organisation in the Travel Industry

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Authors: Alford, P.

Editors: Wober, K., Frew, A. and Hitz, M.

Pages: 126-135

Publisher: Springer

Place of Publication: Vienna, Austria

ISBN: 9783211837801

This paper examines the role, which a Value Added Network Provider could play in creating a Virtual Organisation in the travel industry. There is much hype surrounding the VO concept but very little in the way of empirical data. Subsequent to reviewing the theory relating to VO the author reviews two examples of VO, which are operational in the manufacturing sector and reflects on how this practice outside the travel industry could be applied within it. The paper presents an overview of what form a VO in the travel industry might take and concludes that the VANP occupies a pivotal role in the travel value chain and is in a natural position to assume the role as a broker of VO.

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