Critical Theory -- An Alternative Solution to IT Planning Implementation Problems in Tourism

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Authors: Alford, P.

Editors: Frew, A.J.

Pages: 271-282

Publisher: Springer

Place of Publication: Vienna, Austria

ISBN: 9783211206690

Empirical evidence is presented, which suggests that current approaches to IT in tourism are dominated by the assumptions of the Postpositivist paradigm and are failing to meet the objectives they have set for themselves. A theoretical critique of three cases is undertaken highlighting the IT planning implementation problems in tourism. Critical Theory is presented as an alternative to Postpositivism and, in order to address current problems, an evaluative framework is proposed based on Habermas's Theory Of Communicative Action and his theory of System and Lifeworld. The framework is tested in the context of current issues involving the distribution of packaged leisure travel in the UK. Initial findings indicate the need for the UK holiday industry to engage in further communicative action in order to develop a system of online, real time distribution, which can enable its members to meet the changing needs of the consumer, A tentative schema is presented for facilitating this communication.

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