“The Dialogic Alternative Reflecting on Performative Social Science with Kip Jones"

This source preferred by Kip Jones

Authors: Jones, K.

Editors: Gergen, M. and Gergen, K.J.

Pages: 95-107

Publisher: Left Coast Press, Inc.

Place of Publication: Walnut Creek,CA

One of the most attractive routes to performative writing is dialogue. Although it is challenging to compose dialogue for the theatre or a novel, writing that enacts “oneself” can usually be performed with ease. For many, it is an easier form of writing than the monologic essay, as one’s interlocutor is continuing to provide direction and interest. For beginners to performative writing, it has much to recommend it. In this book,Mary Gergen includes but one exemplar, a dialogue with Kip Jones, whose stellar work we discussed in the opening chapter. Jones and Gergen, along with several others, edited a special issue on performative social science in FQS, Forum: Qualitative Social Research, which is produced at the Free University in Berlin. It was chosen for inclusion in the book, especially, because its focus is on performative social science itself. We include a third character, the Cyber-Moderator and our alter ego, to direct and provoke the conversation.

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