Widening Participation: Emancipation or Social Control?

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Authors: Heaslip, V.

Start date: 2 September 2008

This qualitative research underpinned by critical theory explored experiences of non traditional students within a nursing pre-registration Diploma programme, by addressing two key questions; “What are students’ learning experiences whilst undertaking a Diploma pre-registration nursing programme?” and “What are students’ perceptions regarding support mechanisms?”, thereby exploring the extent to which the Higher Education Institute (HEI) reviewed was either inclusive or exclusive to a wider diversity of student population. Therefore the aim of this paper is to examine the results of this study with respect to the recent Nursing and Midwifery Councils (NMC) consultation regarding the future of pre-registration nurse education, this paper shall also explore the students lived experiences of Widening Participation (WP) policy decisions.

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