Robust adaptive control for robot manipulators using a combined method

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Authors: Yu, H., Seneviratne, L.D. and Earles, S.W.E.

Journal: ICRA (1)

Pages: 612-617

Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press

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Authors: Yu, H., Seneviratne, L.D. and Earles, S.W.E.

Journal: Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

Volume: 1

Pages: 612-617

ISSN: 1050-4729

A new control scheme which combines a direct adaptive control (DAC) law with a variable structure adaptive control (VSAC) law is presented for a nonlinear robot manipulator system. The DAC law assures asymptotically stability, while the VSAC law improves the transient behavior of robot system. The combined method improves the transient behavior and robustness to external input disturbances and unmodeled dynamics, and also overcomes the chattering problem which is the main drawback of the variable structure method. The fact that the property of skew-symmetric matrix is not used in the control scheme will increase its flexibility. The fast tracking convergence and the robustness to external disturbances and unmodeled dynamics are confirmed by extensive computer simulations.

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