Application of intelligent systems using knowledge hub and RFID technology in healthcare waste management in the UK and China

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Authors: Atkins, A.S., Zhang, L., Yu, H. and Miao, W.

Journal: ICETE 2009 - International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications

Pages: 44-49

The paper describes an intelligence system using a knowledge hub integrated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and digital imagery in the management of healthcare waste. This paper outlines the definition of healthcare waste both in the United Kingdom and China together with recent changes in the classification of this waste in the last few years with regard to clinical, laboratory testing and biological waste etc. Statistical information regarding the quantity of healthcare waste is outlined indicating predicted interpretation of future of waste production and the issues involved in traditional incineration and land fill operations. The paper describes a knowledge hub to provide monitoring, tracking and verification systems to assist government agents in providing audited records for anticipated legislation and public scrutiny. The system using rule-based intelligence systems linked to developed simulation software to provide logistical support via what- if scenarios.

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