The benefits of using of student volunteers for small businesses in the events industry: The use of student volunteers at Concert Live

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Authors: Ferdinand, N.

Start date: 14 May 2008

Journal: Conference Proceedings of the 17th Annual CHME Research Conference

Publisher: The Scottish Hotel School, University of Strathclyde

Place of Publication: Glasgow

ISBN: 978-0954803919

Volunteers are widely acknowledged as essential for the planning and management of events. They provide much needed labour and expertise that many event organisations would otherwise be unable to afford. Current research on event volunteers focuses on the motivations of volunteers that work with large non-profit event organisations. Smaller or private organisations are not usually considered as attractive draws for event volunteers, despite the fact they have similar or even superior experiences and rewards to offer individuals that volunteer with their organisations. The particular problems of smaller events organisations such as limited access to funding and small numbers of staff, makes the use of volunteers a particularly attractive option. However, published literature focuses more on motivating and recruiting volunteers than on the benefits that can be realised by event organisations whether large or small. This case study tries to address current gaps in the literature by focusing specifically on the benefits that can be had by smaller event organisations that use volunteers as part of their workforces. It demonstrates the range of benefits that small event organisations can experience if they effectively incorporate volunteers into their workforces.

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