Negotiating the content and process of collaborative practice in the development of open access E-Learning resources: A case study from the social work curriculum in England

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Authors: Quinney, A. and Thomas, J.

Start date: 10 June 2010

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Authors: Thomas, J. and Quinney, A.

Journal: Journal of Technology in Human Services

Volume: 29

Issue: 1

Pages: 64-81

eISSN: 1522-8991

ISSN: 1522-8835

DOI: 10.1080/15228835.2011.565461

This article explores the challenges of developing open access online multimedia learning resources in the area of Inter professional and Interagency Collaboration in the social work curriculum in England. The article outlines the process of developing these web based interactive e-learning materials. It considers the different domains and discourses and the identities that the project brought together. These included those involving the commissioners, developers, subject material authors, and peer reviewers; and those of theory, research evidence, and professional practice. The article reflects on the complex process of developing research-informed materials to enhance student preparedness for professional practice, through engaging with authentic scenarios. © 2011 Crown Copyright.

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