We’re all making an impact so let’s get published.

Authors: Quinney, A., Hardesty, G. and Sadd, J.

Conference: JSWEC: 12th UK Joint Social Work Education Conference and 4th Social Work Research Conference.

Dates: 30 June-2 July 2010


At JSWEC 2006 a themed issue of the international journal Social Work Education was launched, consisting of contributions from service user and carer educators using accessible and creative formats, including poetry and art. After this landmark issue which showcased the range of new partnerships engaged in delivering social work education, it was envisioned that contributions to this and other social work journals would be transformed, as editors sought to embrace diverse voices and media. The journal’s editorial board, which includes service user and carer representation, wishes to see this important work continued and this workshop will provide the opportunity to explore, in a supportive environment, how a more diverse range of experiences in the process of social work education can be captured and submitted for publication in both traditional and non-traditional formats. Partnerships between service user and carer educators, students and academics enable learning to be experienced in different ways and it is hoped that these stories can be shared more widely to create a greater impact.

All participants will be encouraged to bring their experience to the workshop and to explore a range of traditional and non-traditional methods, tools and techniques for capturing and disseminating key messages from everyone involved in social work programmes, in order to develop confidence to submit them for consideration in social work journals which are increasingly open to this approach. This workshop is designed to encourage these partnerships to work together, as well as independently, in the publishing arena. Particular attention will be paid to encouraging and enabling service user and carer educators to develop and submit their work for publication.


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Preferred by: Anne Quinney

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