Tales from the sea

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Authors: Cutler, C. and Palma, P.

Start date: 1 May 2014

Maritime archaeology is a vital part of the UK’s national heritage that people with dementia are often excluded from accessing. The Tales of the Sea project has delivered a series of interactive, educational and stimulating maritime archaeological sessions for people with dementia, which aimed to empower this excluded group to access, engage and learn about the UK’s maritime archaeological heritage.

The sessions have mimicked processes which are followed by field archaeologists and have included activities such as: • Interacting with archaeological artefacts (for example pottery and wood) • Conducting a maritime archaeological excavation • Processing of artefacts (collecting and ordering artefacts found from the excavation) • Reconstructing artefacts (putting excavated artefacts back to their original state) This presentation will report on a pilot study that has evaluated the above initiative and discusses how engagement in non-conventional topics such as maritime archaeology can provide feelings of empowerment and inclusivity. This will provide inspiration to others to try ‘new’ activities that are empowering, stimulating and educational for people with dementia.

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