African Caribbean Bloggers in the UK: Alternative Voices on the Web

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Authors: Gabriel, D.

Start date: 2 July 2012

Journal: Yes

The research questions at the centre of this doctoral study are how and why people of African descent in the UK become bloggers, what they blog about, what perceived benefits they derive from these activities, and their perceptions of the wider impact of their blogging.

The Internet offers new publishing spaces that potentially allow anyone to become a producer of news. Blogs offer a fast and free route to media production and a moderate learning curve in terms of technical knowledge and expertise.

Examining how individuals from black communities are engaging with this medium can provide useful insights into what social benefits individuals from minority communities derive from alternative media practices and whether the emancipatory potential of the Internet, as articulated through theories of democratization of the media, are realised in practice.

This study will use qualitative research methods: semi-structured interviews and discourse analysis to answer the research questions.

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