Exploring a scientific notion of truth

Authors: Isley, V., Smith, P. and boredomresearch


Start date: 6 November 2015

Publisher: Digital Arts Week International

boredomresearch will share their excitement for expressing what cannot be seen in scientific data. Creating landscapes illuminated by infection transmission scenarios and revealing the intriguing beauty of slumber in a real-time artwork driven by the firing neurons of dreaming mice - boredomresearch use animation and light to explore the digital realm beyond the bounds of visualisation. Their artworks are informed by scientific methods and data but remain distinctly poetic in nature. boredomresearch will present insights from collaborating with a mathematical modeller and a neuroscientist to challenge established boundaries and address a growing need for meaningful interaction across disciplines.

This paper will be presented at Bio-Art, Seoul National University on 6 Nov 2015. The theme for the conference is 'Making Art from Carbon-Based Organisms to Silicon-Based Systems'.

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