Dynamic control of a walking robot using the versatile intelligent portable robot platform

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Authors: Vladareanu, V., Boscoianu, C., Munteanu, R.I., Yu, H. and Vladareanu, L.

Journal: Proceedings - 2015 20th International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science, CSCS 2015

Pages: 38-45

ISBN: 9781479917792

DOI: 10.1109/CSCS.2015.48

© 2015 IEEE. This paper studies the walking robot hybrid dynamic control in real time in order to increase movement stability of walking robots on flat terrain, with obstacles or uneven ground, at constant or variable walking speed and variable load. The motion trajectory positions of the robot leg end-effect or and joints, reaction forces and the walking robot dynamics are analyzed and the virtual projection method is adopted using the Versatile Intelligent Portable Robot Platform VIPRO. The obtained results lead to higher performance in relation to the walking robots movement possibilities, the real-time robot balance control, gait control and predictable motion control, providing increased mobility and stability, and also the development of new technological capabilities of the control systems.

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