Implementation of remotely controllable mobile robot system over mobile ad-hoc network

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Authors: Hasan, M.S. and Yu, H.

Journal: International Conference on Advanced Mechatronic Systems, ICAMechS

Volume: 2015-October

Pages: 131-136

eISSN: 2325-0690

ISBN: 9781467379960

ISSN: 2325-0682

DOI: 10.1109/ICAMechS.2015.7287142

© 2015 IEEE. Remotely controllable wireless mobile robots are being used in many applications now days. Such systems can be restricted by the range of wireless signal. Mobile Ad-hoc Networks offer a number of advantages e.g. multi hop communication i.e. longer range; can be deployed without any infrastructure etc. This paper presents the implementation details of a wireless mobile robot system over Mobile Ad-hoc Network. It consists of a target mobile robot and a relay / observer robot. The target robot is equipped with a robotic arm to execute various tasks. The relay / observer robot can route network packets between the controller and the target robot. It also produces visual feedback of the target robot to the user at the controlling end.

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