Never mind the data: The legal quest over control of information & the networked self

Authors: Karanasiou, A. and Douilhet, E.

Start date: 5 April 2016

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Authors: Karanasiou, A.P. and Douilhet, E.

Journal: Proceedings - 2016 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering Workshops, IC2EW 2016

Pages: 100-105

ISBN: 9781509019618

DOI: 10.1109/IC2EW.2016.39

© 2016 IEEE. The paper discusses the theory of "propertization of data", namely the proposition that data can be owned and constitute one's property, in the light of big data and the quantified self (QS) movement. Can we really own our own data? Part 1 discusses the issue of commodification of personal data and part 2 dissects this further by examining how personal data is treated at each stage of the big data processing cycle. Parts 3 and 4 complete the argument put forth here, namely that raw data - once seen out of context and as a part of a dataset can indeed be considered as property, able to be owned and traded.

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