Tweeting, liking, following, sharing: enhancing the protection of athletes’ health now and in the future

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Authors: Verhagen, E., Khan, K., Ahmed, O. and Bower, C.

Start date: 16 March 2017

Social media’s role in society is unarguable; the purpose of this symposium is to address how social media can protect and enhance athletes’ health. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are already being used by athletes and health care professionals, and thus provide efficient channels to communicate key healthcare messages to our target populations. In addition, it is possible to monitor how social media messages are received by the target audience and this allows for communication to be adjusted as needed. Despite these opportunities, there are also risks for the clinician who uses social media. As a consequence, some clinicians hesitate to use social media in their clinical roles. In this 90-minute symposium, internationally renowned sports medicine researchers and social media experts will share their expertise, views and experiences with specific and widely used social media channels such as Facebook & Twitter. This will lead into an up-to-date overview of the possibilities, (potential) effectiveness, and dos and don’ts of social media to protect and enhance the athletes’ health at an elite and recreational level.

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