Embedding Inclusion, Equality and Liberation in Media Higher Education

Authors: Gabriel, D.

Start date: 11 April 2017

In the UK, the National Union of Students argues that ‘liberation’, in terms of actively working to challenge and tackle structural inequalities in society, should be embedded into the curriculum alongside equality and diversity. Across the media and creative industries, structural inequalities based on intersectional experiences of race, ethnicity and culture can be seen both in the public and private sectors. I propose that in media education, the curriculum should include liberation strategies to enable students to develop the cultural competencies necessary to become agents of change, enhancing communications practice when they take up employment.

My presentation highlights a curriculum liberation strategy I developed, based on pedagogies of social justice and cultural democracy as powerful, complementary forces for social change. I present a case study of a final year undergraduate unit for degrees in politics, advertising, public relations and marketing communications that critically examines communications practice with centralised analysis around Whiteness.

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