Unpicking the barriers to diversity in engineering apprenticeships

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Authors: Humphries-Smith, T., White, M. and Hunt, C.

Journal: Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education: Towards a New Innovation Landscape, E and PDE 2019

ISBN: 9781912254057

© 2019 Institution of Engineering Designers, The Design Society. All rights reserved. The study reported in this paper investigated some of the barriers to increasing diversity in those taking up engineering apprenticeships. Specifically, the papers report an investigation of progression opportunities for level 2 and 3 engineering design apprentices from disadvantaged backgrounds studying on the south coast of the UK. The outcome of the investigation lead to a series of interventions being made with both the companies employing apprentices and the section of the local Further Education college responsible for recruitment for all engineering apprentices in the local area. The impact of the study has led to a significant increase (from 11% to 26%) of apprentices from disadvantaged backgrounds entering level 2 technical qualifications in Sept 2017 which provide them with progression opportunities to Higher Education at level 4 and beyond. The interventions also lead a raising of awareness of the imbalance of backgrounds of students. This has led to a more systemised and rigorous approach to career/progression pathway advice to apprenticeship applicants within the college.

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